2019 filing for Employers

 1. Employers' Return (Form 2)

The GRA introduces electronic submission for the Employers' Return (Form 2/5). The initial focus is on the Yearly submission that is due on Feb 28. If the Form 2 is submitted electronically via the eServices, a manual (paper) submission is not required. This presentation provides an overview of the electronic submission process. It is a 2-step process to submit this Return for 2019:

a. Sign Up for eServices

Before an account can be created for you, the GRA needs to verify your identity. You will need an email account as notifications and other messages will be sent to this email.

During the process, the GRA will verify the provided information before issuing a verification code/token.  Once you’ve received the verification code/token, go to the eServices website to continue the process. Enter your TIN and token. You will receive an email guiding you to register, that is, to enter a username and create a password. Once successfully registered, you will receive an Activation email. Simply click on the link in that email and you can log into your eServices account.

 b. Prepare the electronic file and upload via eServices

All the instructions to prepare the required electronic file can be found here. Please ensure that there is only one entry per employee. Also, ensure one file is prepared and submitted for your entire organisation; even if you have separate payrolls, you are required to combine all the employees into one file as a single submission.

Once the file is complete and accurate, log into your eServices account and upload it after selecting PAYE.

2. Bulk Generation of IIT Returns

For  2019, the GRA is once again asking employers to prepare and distribute their employees' Income Tax Returns. It remains the employee's responsibility to review the Return details and to sign and subsequently submit said return to the GRA. Click on the link which provides the necessary guidance. This presentation provides an overview of this generation process.