To effect changes to the colour or engine of your motor vehicle, an application must be made to the  Licence Revenue Office. The following documents should be presented:

    • Original Certificate of Registration or an Affidavit of Lost or misplaced registration.
    • A valid form of identity – original and copy(Passport; National ID or Guyana Driver’s Licence)
    • Original and copy of the receipt of purchase of engine (change of engine)
    • In the case of a Company, an authorisation letter stamped and signed for a Representative to act on behalf of the company.
  • FEE

    A fee of $1,000 will be charged upon satisfactory review of the documents and successful examination.


    Procedure to change the colour of your motor vehicle:

    1. The Licence Revenue Officer will peruse the documents presented and issue a lodgment slip to the applicant, who will be advised to visit the Motor Vehicle Examination Unit with the vehicle to have same examined.
    2. A physical examination is conducted on the motor vehicle to verify the details on the registration and to verify that same corresponds with the Motor Vehicle. A detailed examination is conducted on the chassis and engine number for accuracy and further checks are also made to verify whether or not the vehicle is tinted. If the vehicle tinted a check is conducted to ensure the tint falls within the limits of the law.
    3. The Licence Revenue Officer once satisfied that the documents submitted and examination form corresponds, the change of color is updated in the system and a new registration printed.
    4. The applicant returns to the cashier to effect payment, where he/ she is issued a receipt.
    5. The applicant produces the receipt to the Dispatch Clerk who then issues the original Certificate of Registration for the motor vehicle.