• Travel Airport Tax

    All travelers under the age of sixty-five (65), unless exempted, must pay the full Travel Tax of Three thousand five hundred dollars ($3,500).

    Persons sixty-five (65) years and older are not required to pay the full Travel Tax of  Three thousand five hundred dollars ($3,500) when departing from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Instead, these persons will only be required to pay the Security Fee of Two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500). However, if departing from the Ogle International Airport, persons aged sixty-five ­(65) and older will be fully exempted from paying the Departure Tax.


    • Travel tax is now incorporated into your travel itinerary and you are no longer required to make this payment at the airport.
    • Eligible persons must be in possession of a valid Guyanese passport and have been residing in Guyana for a period no less than 183 days in a given year.