The following items are prohibited from importation into Guyana:

  1. A base or counterfeit coin of any country;
  2. Coin legally current in Guyana or any money purporting to be such not being of the established standard weight and fineness;
  3. Articles of food intended for human consumption declared by the Competent Authority to be unfit for such purposes;
  4. Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, photographs, books, cards, lithographic or other engravings or any other indecent or obscene articles;
  5. Infected cattle, sheep or other animals, or carcasses thereof, and hides, skins, horns, hoofs or any other part of cattle or other animals which may be prohibited in order to prevent the introduction or spread of any communicable disease;
  6. Matches containing white (yellow) phosphorous;
  7. Goods, which if sold, would be liable to forfeiture under the Merchandise Marks Act;
  8. Goods manufactured outside Guyana, which whether or not bearing a name or trademark, do not carry in relation to themselves a definite indication of the country in which they were made or produced unless the Commissioner – General having regard to the nature of such goods and the requirements of any Regulations applicable thereto, deems otherwise;
  9. Prepared opium and pipes or other utensils for use in connection with the smoking of opium or the preparation of opium for smoking;
  10. Shaving brushes manufactured in or exported from Japan;
  11. Fictitious stamps and any die, an instrument of materials capable of making any such stamps;
  12. Goods the importation of which is prohibited by any other Law of Guyana.

Note: The Minister of Finance may from time to time by order, delete any goods from, or add, any goods to the above list.