The general guidelines for applying for exemptions within the Fishing Industry

These guidelines apply to persons who are requesting tax exemptions under the First Schedule Part III B (1) Item 5 of the Customs Act.

  1. Established fishing industries with fishing licences are eligible for tax exemptions on items such as spares, packaging materials, fishing nets, floats etc.
    • These establishments are only eligible for customs duty exemption.
  2. Applicants that have a small fishing establishment and provides evidence of their operation, would also be eligible for the zero rating of the value-added tax on fishing nets, floats, rope, twine, cordage, hooks and sheet lead.
    • The items listed above are eligible for customs duty exemption and the zero rating of the Value-Added Tax.
  1. Application addressed to the Commissioner-General.
  2. Invoice/quotation from the supplier.
  3. Taxpayer Identification Number.
  4. Tax Exemption Processing & Verification Division application.
  5. Recommendation from the Fishing Co-operatives in which they are involved.
  6. In cases where the applicant has not supplied information that is required by the Guyana Revenue Authority, a letter is issued to the applicant requesting the required information.