In order for a vehicle registration to be changed from ‘P’ to ‘G’, or to ‘B’ the vehicle must meet the   requirements of the policy implemented by the Commissioner-General as outlined previously.[/vc_column_text]


      The following is required to be submitted:

      • The Approved Cancellation Letter from the Guyana Police Force Certifying Office.
      • Original Registration or an Affidavit of Lost Registration.
      • A valid form of identification (Passport or National Identification Card).
    • COST

      A fee of One Thousand Guyana Dollars (G$1,000.00) is charged.

      NOTE: If the change is from private to hire or to goods, the difference in the annual licensing fee is calculated, and the applicant would be required to pay the balance.


      1. The Licence Revenue Officer will peruse the documents presented and issue a lodgment slip to the applicant, who will be advised to visit the Motor Vehicle Examination Unit with the vehicle to have the vehicle examined.
      2. A physical examination is conducted on the motor vehicle to verify the details on the registration and to verify that same corresponds with the Motor Vehicle. A detailed examination is conducted on the chassis and engine number for accuracy and further checks are also made to verify whether or not the vehicle is tinted. If the vehicle tinted a check is conducted to ensure the tint falls within the limits of the law. The Licence Revenue Officer is satisfied that the documents submitted and examination corresponds, the change of use is updated in the system and a new registration printed.
      3. The applicant produces the receipt to the Dispatch Clerk who then issues the Original Certificate of Registration for the motor vehicle.

      It is important to note, that a motor vehicle registered as ‘G’ cannot be operated without a goods transportation licence which is issued by the Guyana Police Force.

    Extra and Single Cab motor vehicles have to be registered as ‘G’, except in cases where a duty free concession is granted or permission is granted by the Commissioner General.

    Please also note that the registration of these types of motor vehicles cannot be changed from ‘G’ to ‘P’ and must remain in ‘G’, since they are strictly designed for the purpose of carrying goods.

    Twin Cab or Four Door motor vehicles with a tray at the back, must be registered as ‘P’ and can only be used for purposes other than for trade or business or for hire and reward.