An individual applying for a new Driver’s Licence will be required to ensure all documentation are submitted before the process can successfully commence. Additionally, applicants should note that if they are making an application to be issued with the ‘Plastic Card’ Licence, they must present themselves to the Licence Revenue   Office, 200-201 Camp Street, to have their photograph taken. As such, a third party cannot make the application on behalf of the applicant.


    1. Completed Application Form
    2. Letter of Competence from the Certifying Office of the Guyana Police Force
    3. Copy of valid form of identification (National ID; Passport)
    4. One passport-sized photograph
  • FEE

    A fee of Four Thousand Five Hundred Guyana Dollars (G$4,500) is charged on the application for a new driver’s licence.

    Applicants are encouraged to utilise the following alternative payment options:


    • The Licence Revenue Officer will peruse the documents presented and verify the applicant’s details.
    • Once all the requisite documents are submitted, and all details verified, the applicant will be directed to have his/her photograph taken and affix their signature.
    • Once the lodgment slip is issued, the applicant will be directed to the Cashier to effect payment, where he/she will be issued with a receipt and further directed to the Dispatch Desk to uplift his/her Licence.

    The licence is issued on the same day of the application.


    The Driver’s Licence is valid for a period of five (5) years.

  • NOTE

    • A person under seventeen years of age shall not drive a motor vehicle other than a motor cycle or invalid carriage on the road.
    • First time applicants will only be authorised to apply for the following classes of vehicles, provided that he/she meets the eligible age:
      • Car
      • Cycle
      • Tractor

    The Motor Vehicle and the Road Traffic Act describes a “driver” as-

    “where a separate person acts as a steersman of a motor vehicle includes that person as well as any other person engaged in the driving of the vehicle and expression “drive” should be construed accordingly”.