Exporters of Goods to Norway – REX Registration

All exporters who export items to Norway of a value more than 6000 EUR must sign up with the Registered Exporter System (REX), and prepare a Statement on Origin (SoO).

The pre-application form is available through the web link here and can be filled online. It can also be completed manually, however, the printed (hard) copy with the required signature must be submitted to the Trade Policy and Research Unit (Customs) at the GRA head office.  Failure to complete this process as required will result in denial of access of goods to Norway and its markets.

Note: You no longer require Certificates of origin issued by the Guyana Revenue Authority.

For further details, please contact Ms. Sharon Gibson or Ms. Karen Bobb-Semple by email (kbobbsemple@gra.gov.gy or sgibson@gra.gov.gy) or telephone 227-6060 Ext 2609 or 2810.