Tributors Tax is a unique form of income tax that is only applicable to the mining industry in Guyana. It operates in the same way as PAYE in that Mining Corporations deduct tax from individual miners and then submit a quarterly remittance detailing the miners they have deducted tax for during the period.

  • Tax Rate

    • The Tributors tax rate is currently set at 10%.
  • Late Filing Penalty

    • Late Filing Penalties are not applicable to Tributors Tax Remittance Return requirements.
  • Late Payment Penalty and Interest

    • 10% of the tax liability and
    • Late Payment Penalties & Interest calculations are applied according to the number of days a payment is late.
  • Return Due Dates for Tributors Tax Remittances

    Annual Returns are due on February 28 of the following year.

    Quarterly Returns are due as follows:

    • Jan-Mar – Due 1st April
    • Apr-Jun –  Due 1st July
    • Jul-Sep –   Due 1st October
    • Oct-Dec –  Due 31st December