The Government of Guyana has embarked on the implementation of ASYCUDA World (AW). The AW programme is an integrated customs management system which was developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to aid with the modernization of manifests, customs declarations, accounting procedures, transit, suspense procedures, among others. With this application, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) aims to take Guyana to a higher level in trade facilitation by the standardization of procedures along with the implementation of international norms and best practices. The system has been implemented in over 90 countries, territories and regions. The version being implemented comes with enhanced web interface and allows for the minimization of administrative costs to the business community.
With the implementation of the ASYCUDA World, the GRA will also strengthen Customs’ operations efficiency for control and improve transparency through full audit trails, reform the customs clearing procedures, among other mechanisms. Government will be provided with accurate and timely statistics on foreign trade and revenue.  Additionally, AW will promote faster clearance time as well as lower transaction costs.

News and Updates

System Requirements

i. Hardware Requirements:
Processor: 2GHz or more
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Standard Memory: 4GB or more

ii. Internet Connection:
Users must have a connection bandwidth larger than or equal to 4Mb download and 1Mb upload.

iii.   Software Requirements (Windows or MAC)
Internet browser
Download Java – Click here
Java Configurations Instructions – Click here
PDF reader – Click here to download Adobe PDF Reader

Asycuda World Live XL

(Declarations > 70 lines requires 64GB Java and 8GB RAM)

Asycuda World Live XXL

(Declarations > 300 lines requires 64GB Java and 8GB RAM)

Customs Declaration Checker

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Registered Manifest Checker

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Valuation Module


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to advise all importers that an electronic payment option (Online Banking eServices) is now available in ASYCUDA World (AW) for Customs Declarations. The GRA has since partnered with Guyana Bank for Trade & Industry Limited (GBTI) and Demerara Bank Limited (DBL) to have this facility available which allows Importers desirous of utilizing the electronic payment functionality to use these E-Banking Services. This process will capture the details of their declarations along with the duties and taxes to be paid and generate a reference number. This reference number will be used when making the electronic payment. Taxpayers are also asked to send an email to with their details to notify GRA that a payment was made.

The GRA further advises importers that if there is any need for clarification or assistance in relation to the GBTI or DBL e-banking facility, contact should be made via email to and or telephone number (GBTI) 225-4284 and (DBL) 225-0610-8.

  • User manual and a demo outlining the step-by-step process in ASYCUDA are available on the GRA’s Website (ASYCUDA World) to offer further guidance and clarification.

If you require additional information or clarification, please contact the ASYCUDA World National Project Team on Telephone Number’s: 227-6060/ 227-8222 Ext. 3633.

ASYCUDA World Registration

User Registration (Online)
User Registration (downloadable form)

ASYCUDA World User Documentation

Carrier Agents & Consolidators


The information is strictly for guidance and is subject to change.

For any enquires please contact The Guyana Revenue Authority

200-201 Camp Streets Georgetown

Telephone Numbers (592)227 822 or (592)227-6060 Ext: 3601- 3612