Renewal of Private Driver’s Licence (Plastic Card)

If your Licence is nearing its expiration date, we advise you to renew your licence at least three (3) months prior to that date. The renewal of your Driver Licence is completed on the same day.


    1. Present your expired Driver’s Licence (plastic) to the Officer.

The cost of renewal is G$4,500.00, and the licence is valid for five (5) years.

Renewal of Private Driver’s Licence (Red Book)


    1. Present expired driver’s licence to the licence Clerk

NOTE: If you have recently changed your name, you must submit the original documentation for Deed Poll, Affidavit, Marriage Certificate and/or Birth Certificate. Additionally, if your address has changed, then you must provide proof of your new address. An original bank statement or copies of any utility bill (GPL; GWI; GTT) cab be used as said proof.