The Revenue Authority has implemented a policy to reward persons who provide information to the Authority relating to offence(s) against the Customs Laws, which results in the successful recovery of fines/penalties. This policy is widely known as the “Whistleblower Policy” and is provided for under Section 230 of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01 which provides that-

“The Comptroller may, with the approval of the Minister, reward any person who informs him of any offence against the customs laws or assists in the recovery of any fine or penalty.”

In keeping with foregoing provisions and policy, the Revenue Authority encourages members of the general public to report any such unlawful or smuggling activities which includes, inter alia, under invoicing, false declaration, submission of false tax returns to any of the numbers listed above.

Members of the public can contact LEID on telephone number is 227 6060 extension 3201, 3204, 3206, 3211 or 3216.