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Policy: Dealers’ General Licence

The Guyana Revenue Authority continues to sensitise taxpayers, the general public and other stakeholders on matters pertaining to the various legislations it administers in order to promote voluntary compliance. In this regard, the following information provides general guidance for obtaining…

Tax Operations Policy – Vacation Allowance

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is continuing its efforts to sensitise the general public on the various taxes it administers, so as to promote voluntary compliance. DEFINITION OF TERMS: Vacation Allowance The Income Tax Act does not provide a definition…

Income Tax Rates & Threshold

Year of Income (YI) Year of Assessment (YA) Amount of Deduction Threshold Rates on Chargeable Income 2007 2008 $336,000 33 1/3% 2008 2009 $420,000 33 1/3% 2009 2010 $420,000 33 1/3% 2010 2011 $420,000 33 1/3% 2011 2012 $480,000 33…

Income Tax and Tributors

The Guyana Revenue Authority finds it necessary to provide guidance to the general public on the taxes it administers in order to promote voluntary compliance. This policy is intended to guide employers and employees regarding their obligation to withhold and…


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) recognises the need to provide the general public with essential information regarding the taxes it administers to promote voluntary compliance and aid in a smooth transaction process. This policy is intended to offer guidance and…