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Policy 55 – VAT on Eggs

Policy 55 – VAT on Eggs

November 22, 2022

The Guyana Revenue Authority continues to provide guidance on the application of Value-Added Tax (VAT) to goods and services. As such, this policy seeks to address issues concerning the supply of eggs.

Schedule 1, Paragraph 11 (a) and Paragraph 13 (z) of the VAT Act Chapter 81:05, zero-rates a supply of hatching eggs and uncooked bird’s eggs respectively.

Thus, VAT is not applicable on hatching eggs and uncooked bird’s eggs at the standard rate of fourteen percent (14%) and will therefore be subject to VAT at the zero rate. Moreover, all types of eggs related to hatching or uncooked bird’s eggs will not have a monetary value attached as tax when these products are purchased.

However, birds’ eggs which are boiled, fried or cooked in any other form, or dishes containing birds eggs such as egg nog, egg balls as an ingredient will attract VAT at the standard rate of fourteen percent (14%). Furthermore, other eggs used for human consumption including turtle eggs and fish eggs such as, Roe and Caviar etc. are also taxable at the standard rate of fourteen percent (14%).

VAT is only applicable on the supply of these egg products if the supplier of the product is registered for VAT, otherwise no VAT is charged. Registered businesses may file for a full refund of input tax credits on a monthly basis if the zero-rated items account for at least fifty percent (50%) of the amount of the taxable supplies pursuant to Section 35 (5) of the VAT Act, Chapter 81:05.

Moreover, registered businesses which are involved in the sale of mixed supplies, that is, exempt supplies and standard rated a exempt supplies and zero-rated supplies may file a claim every month to the Guyana Revenue Authority for a refund of the excess credits attributable to the zero-rated supplies only.

On the other hand, claims for refund relating to the standard rated supplies must be carried forward for six (6) consecutive months before an application is filed pursuant to Section 35 (3) of the VAT Act, Chapter 81:05.

VAT Refund claims in the approved format must be filed in addition to the VAT return. The application form for refunds can be uplifted at the GRA Headquarters, Receptionist Desk or download the Application for VAT Refund and Relief Form from the GRA website at https://www.gra.gov.gy/forms/.

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