Filing your Income Tax

It’s March 2021, and we are live with the Optimal Revenue Management System (RMS), our new and improved tax management software. With the new Optimal RMS, we have also upgraded our eServices platform, this will make your 2021 submissions; faster, easier, and its done in real time. We are excited to make you part of this change, and, to make the process a smooth and convenient one, we encourage you to use the information below as a guide to filing your 2021 Individual Income Tax submissions.

Just one more thing, before you proceed to create your eServices account, and file your return, take a few minutes to read the information below, to find out if this process applies to you.

Am I required to file a return?

If you were employed during 2021 and have been earning an income, whether in excess of or below $780,000 annually, or $65,000 per month, you must submit an Income Tax Return and pay outstanding taxes by April 30 of the assessment year (in this example, that is, 2021).
Just another reminder, if you are earning an income below the annual threshold of $780,000, you are still required to file an Income Tax Return.

There are two ways you can file your Individual Income Tax Return:

Signing-up for eServices


  • File your return via eServices

    Before submitting your Return electronically, you must have an eServices account (check out the video above for more details). To submit a Return, simply login to your account and, via the “Returns” menu, select the “File a Return” option. Follow the instructions (see video below) to fill out the Return details and complete the submission process. Remember to upload the relevant documents (e.g. your 7B slip), before selecting the submit option.

    The system will then provide you with a status of the submission upon submission. As your return is processed, you will receive notifications via email and your eServices dashboard.

    Note: If the Return is submitted electronically via the eServices, a manual (paper) submission is not required. However, please ensure that all the required supporting documents e.g. 7B Slip are uploaded as part of the submission.

    Submitting an Individual Income Tax Return using Optimal E Services

  • Manual Filing

    If you do not have access to an eServices account and you need to submit you Income Tax return, you may do so by filling out, and submitting the Income Tax Return Form (pdf at top right of page).  To assist you in this process we have created a simple video to guide (see above). Once completed, simply print the Return, sign it, and drop it in at one of the GRA’s locations. Ensure that you also attach your 7B slip.

    Reminder: If you worked at multiple places during 2021, you only need to fill out one Return. Ensure that you include all your income in the one Return and attach all the 7B slips to it.

    Further to the above, individual taxpayers with multiple employers must note that the statutory deduction or free pay of G$780,000 for Year of Income 2021, should only be deducted by the primary Employer. As such, it is imperative to note that the deductions are not allowed on each income earned  but provides for each individual to be allowed a deduction of $780,000 (up to Year of Income 2021). Therefore, you should ensure that the Secondary Employer does not deduct free-pay during the earning period, as you will be held accountable for any over-deductions incurred.

    Note: If your employment has been affected due to an accident, disability, overseas training, etc, you are required to bring this information to the attention of the Commissioner-General by way of a letter. All taxpayer details such as Name, Address, TIN, previous employer, and period(s) worked, should be addressed in the said letter.