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Commencement of the IMS4 – Simplified Declaration for Import

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Commencement of the IMS4 – Simplified Declaration for Import

June 23, 2020

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has finalised the Simplified Declaration (IMS4) Regime which replaces the current C73/ Simplified Declaration Procedure. All relevant training were conducted to facilitate consolidators in the preparation of the simplified declarations which will be utilized for the processing and clearance of personal effects packages, imported at the various Wharves, Transit Sheds and Airports.

As you are aware, several meetings, training and sensitization were provided to the Consolidators and Agents and it was re-iterated that the IMS4 Regime was scheduled to commence prior to the Christmas rush in 2019 but was deferred since most were not in the state of readiness for implementation. The GRA, have so far successfully piloted the IMS4 at two facilities and is therefore reminding all Consolidators that you are required to put systems in place with adequate staff to commence the use of the AW System. The training already provided to your staff should be imparted to others internally so that all consolidators and staff will become familiar with the use of the IMS4 Regime.

In addition to the above mentioned recommendations, the following outlines the basic requirements that is necessary in order to implement the IMS4 Regime:

  1. Stable and adequate internet connectivity, recommended 10MB should be available.
  2. Computer literate resource personnel.
  3. Additional staff, if required.
  4. Additional computer system if necessary.
  5. Printer(s).
  6. Any other facility/equipment deemed necessary to ensure compliance.

Notwithstanding the above, the GRA has approved for the cut-off date to be extended to June 30, 2020, to have the required systems in place to commence the use of the IMS 4 Regime.

Kindly contact the GRA, AW National Project Team for assistance with the implementation of this new automated regime and procedure.

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