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Publicising of confidential GRA Progress Report

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Publicising of confidential GRA Progress Report

April 7, 2021

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has noted publications in the national press of information of a confidential nature privy only to a taxpayer and the Authority, and in recent days excerpts from a Progress Report relative to the operation of the Revenue Authority which would have been in the possession of only a few.

The said Report which contains information of a sensitive nature, was prepared by the Commissioner-General in July 2020 and submitted to the then Minister of Finance, and subsequently to his successor, the Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, after the change of administration in August 2020. The Commissioner-General did not, at any point, share with the press or make any public comment on the said Report despite requests to do so over the several months that the press became aware of the availability of such a report.

The GRA would like to draw the attention of the public and media houses to Section 23 (1) of the Revenue Authority Act, Chapter 79:04 which prohibits the publication or disclosure to any person other than in the course of his duties, or when lawfully required to do so by any Court or under any law, the contents of any document, communication or information whatsoever, which relates to, and which has come to his knowledge in the course of his duties under the said Act, without consent in writing given by or on behalf of the Authority.

 Much to the dismay of the GRA, the leakage of the Report is the latest in a series of instances in which confidential and sensitive information about the GRA, its achievements, shortcomings and activities, have been publicized. The Authority wishes to advise that it intends to pursue diligently, anyone guilty of participating or aiding and abetting in these reprehensible acts.

Godfrey Statia

Commissioner General

– END –