Personal Imports - General Items

The purpose of this section is to provide information to the general public on the procedure for clearing of personal effects sent from overseas.

What is Categorised Under Personal Effects?

Personal effects include barrels, boxes, packages and parcels containing noncommercial items sent by air or sea through any recognised shipping agency.

How long does it take for Customs to clear personal effects?

The time taken by the Customs Department to facilitate the clearing of non-commercial items at the wharf is approximately fifteen (15) minutes since the introduction of the Form C73 which is used to process personal effects not exceeding the value of US$1000.00.The officer may determine that a Form C72 must be used depending on the classification of the item even if the value is less than US$1000.00.

What Procedure Should be followed after I have been notified that my Cargo has arrived ?

Once persons have been notified that their cargo has arrived from overseas via a NOTICE from a Shipping Agency they will be required to follow this procedure:

  • Present your NOTICE and a valid form of Identification to the Shipping Agent.
  • You will later be directed to the Brokerage Section of the Shipping Agency and the Clerk will partially prepare the Customs declaration (Form C73 or C72) and indicate the cost for this service.
  • After payment of the Brokerage Fee, proceed to the Bond and submit the documents received from the Brokerage Section to the Bond Supervisor who will arrange a Customs inspection/examination.
  • The Customs Officer will examine the cargo and complete the Form C73 or C72, specifying any duties and taxes which may be applicable and payable, then payment must be made at the Customs Cashier.
  • After the payment transaction is completed, a Cart Note would be written up and the cargo would be released by Customs.
  • Finally, return to the Bond Supervisor with the release document to uplift your cargo.

NB: It is not a requirement for importers to use a Broker, importers can fill out the Form C73 or C72 themselves.