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Online Application for Compliance & Liability

Online Application for Compliance & Liability

June 25, 2020

As part of its efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the influx of large gatherings at its tax offices, the Guyana Revenue Authority’s Taxpayer Services Division will temporarily suspend the physical lodgement of applications within its Compliance and Liability Units from March 30, 2020 until September 30, 2020.

Online applications however will be accepted for:

  • Tender Compliance
  • Withholding Tax Letter
  • Work Permit Letter

Taxpayers are advised to submit these application request and supporting documents to: compliance@gra.gov.gy

Online application requests are also being accepted for:

  • Gratuity
  • Pension Benefits
  • Duty Free concessions
  • Guyana Energy Agency (GEA/Petroleum)
  • Small Business Bureau
  • Forestry
  • 2% Withholding Tax Exemption
  • Brokerage
  • Bank of Guyana – Money Transfers
  • Bank of Guyana – Commercial Bank
  • Bank of Guyana – Cambio Licences
  • Bank of Guyana – Dealers Licences
  • Ministry of Tourism – Matching Grant
  • Exportation of Gold
  • Firearm licences
  • Naturalisation

Taxpayers are advised to submit the application requests and supporting documents to: liability@gra.gov.gy

Taxpayers applying for any of the above are encouraged to ensure uploaded documents are properly scanned and visible. Responses to the requests for these services will be via email or telephone.

Taxpayers are also encouraged to utilise the alternative payment facilities offered by Mobile Money Guyana (MMG), Western Union Bill Express and participating commercial banks: Republic Bank, Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, and Demerara Bank to facilitate payment of the associated application fees.

The GRA will further inform applicants when they can uplift their respective compliances upon completion thereof.