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New Procedures For Importing Food and Drugs

New Procedures For Importing Food and Drugs

June 10, 2020

Goods being monitored by the Government Analysis – Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) will be prioritised for faster processing and clearance so that consignments of food and drugs are not delayed or detained.

The Guyana Revenue Authority in partnership with the GA-FDD has therefore developed the following requirements:

  • Importers of commercial food items and drugs being monitored by the GA-FDD are required to present the original and copy of the Free Sale Certificate (and any other document requested) to the GA-FDD before the arrival of the goods.
  • The GA-FDD will stamp both original and copy and return the copy to the importer or broker to upload as an attached document in ASYCUDA World.
  • When the e-SAD (Electronic Single Administrative Document) is being processed and the copy is verified by the representative of the GA-FDD, the release is done either immediately or within the space of one day (or half day).

GRA will also be facilitating the releases of samples using controlled procedures as requested by the GA-FDD. These releases will be done in the presence of the importers.

Kindly contact the Director, GA-FDD if delays are being experienced.

By Order
Commissioner-General, GRA