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Change to Partnership TIN

Change to Partnership TIN

November 3, 2022

The Guyana Revenue Authority hereby notifies Taxpayers that partnership businesses that were registered and issued with a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) prior to the implementation of the Optimal Revenue Management System are required to use the numeral ‘2’ instead of zero (0) as the first digit in their nine-digit TIN when signing up/ registering for Optimal e-services. The other
eight digits will remain the same.

This is in keeping with the amendment made for all Partnership TINs issued by the Guyana Revenue Authority to commence with the numeral 2. Optimal recognizes partnerships as ‘2’ and not ‘0’ and will reflect an error if the latter is used.

Additionally, the dominant partner who has responsibility for submitting the Partnership’s Return and Value Added Tax Return to the Guyana Revenue Authority must input the correct Partnership TIN.

Further, a Re-print of the Partnership TIN Certificate which reflect this change can be obtained from the Central Registration Unit.