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GRA Must Secure Taxpayers’ Information- Encourages E-filing

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GRA Must Secure Taxpayers’ Information- Encourages E-filing

April 29, 2022

Dear Editor,
In response to Columnist Mr. Freddie Kissoon’s article in the Kaieteur News dated April 28, 2022, captioned ‘Guyana Revenue Authority; The irrationality of a Country’, the GRA wishes to advise as follows:

  1. The GRA approached three entities (malls) with a view of establishing sites to facilitate not only the submission of returns by the April 30th due date but to promote and encourage taxpayers to file online by having GRA’s officers manning such sites.
  2. Two of these entities (Amazonia Mall and Giftland Mall) responded to their civic duty and allowed the establishment of these sites in their malls free of cost while the other was adamant that rental must be paid for its use.
  3. GRA publicized the official hours for the tax sites, that is, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Mondays to Thursdays and from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Fridays. However, because of available security at the said malls, drop boxes are available for taxpayers wishing to drop off their returns rather than having them efiled, until closing time of the said malls which may be as late as 10:30 PM.
  4. These sites were not set up as mere drop-box locations but as Tax Sites where officers are stationed to render advice, guidance, and appropriate assistance, and walk taxpayers through the efiling process. For persons not wishing to efile, the GRA’s officers check each return before the taxpayer drops it into the assigned box to ensure completeness which then allows for faster processing.
  5. The agency wishes to thank Mr. Kissoon for his appreciation of the Tax Sites set up and also acknowledge the suggestion of other locations for such sites and drop boxes. However, it must be recognized that while convenience is an essential aspect of service, the security of taxpayers’ information is of utmost importance. GRA cannot simply leave the security of taxpayers’ information to private entities and in any corner, as the entity may choose.
  6. There are drop boxes at GRA’s locations including the Licence Revenue Office situated at Railway Embankment, GRA’s Head Office on Camp Street, and GPO Building, where individuals can submit their tax returns from 7 AM.
  7. GRA continues to encourage taxpayers to submit their returns online, which can be done at their convenience. We wish to remind persons that the deadline for submission of returns and balance of payment for taxes is May 3, 2022.
  8. Further, Tax payments can be made via online payment options the GRA has established with banking and other financial institutions. Taxpayers can pay their taxes using the online banking services available at Republic Bank, Demerara Bank, and GBTI. Additionally, taxpayers can utilise GTT’s Mobile Money (MMG) or Bill Express to make payments.

Persons who need assistance to sign up/register for our Optimal E-services and file returns electronically can call the Tax Advisory Services Section on 227 6060 ext. 8000 or visit our website eservices.gra.gov.gy;

Renewal of Plastic Driver’s Licence
With regards to the renewal of the plastic Driver’s licence, we are surprised that Mr. Kissoon is unaware of the new process which has been in place for nearly three (3) years. We are also surprised that he is unaware that as a senior citizen, he would get preferential treatment when visiting the GRA. Digitalised drivers’ licences are renewed within minutes and can be for three or five years, with senior citizens enjoying these renewals free of cost. Mr. Kissoon is advised to utlitise this service immediately

Lastly, Mr. Statia would like to advise Mr. Kissoon that he is not in receipt of any letters written to him by Mr. Kissoon. As such, he will be grateful for copies of such correspondences to be sent to him at cgsecretariat@gra.gov.gy, where they shall be given the attention that they deserve.

The GRA applauds the principals of the two malls that have allowed the entity to afford these taxpayers services and looks forward to continue collaboration in the future. Civic mindedness is a national duty and responsibility, and together will allow for investment into our country’s progress.