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Fraud | Collusion Uncovered – Staff face stern disciplinary actions

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Fraud | Collusion Uncovered – Staff face stern disciplinary actions

January 23, 2023

Georgetown, Friday, January 21, 2023: The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) recently uncovered a number of fraudulent practices involving persons applying for various categories of licences. As a result, the agency took stern disciplinary actions, including the dismissal of employees.

In an effort to prevent such practices, the Authority is cautioning members of the general public against colluding with individuals, including GRA officers, to perpetuate fraud in the course of completing a transaction. Persons found guilty of such unlawful actions are liable on summary conviction to fines and imprisonment for a maximum of six months, depending on the nature and severity of the offence.

The requirements to obtain licences are listed on GRA’s website at www.gra.gov.gy or requested via Whatsapp numbers 707-9841 or 707-9842.

The Authority also wishes to remind the public that GRA staff are NOT authorised to collect monies from taxpayers for any transaction or offer to complete transactions in exchange for gifts. Taxpayers must make all payments at the cashier sections where they will receive an official GRA receipt as proof of payment. Cashiers are located at:

1. GRA’s Headquarters on Camp Street
2. Integrated Regional Tax Offices (IRTOs)
3. Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC)

Moreover, GRA has repeatedly published alternative payment options available through the following entities:-

  • Online banking services at Republic Bank, Demerara Bank, Bank of Baroda, and GBTI.
  • Mobile Money Guyana (MMG)
  • Bill Express (over the counter)

Persons who suspect that they are victims of fraud, or are aware of officers who are colluding with taxpayers, should request the name and employee ID of the person representing the Authority and report the matter (anonymously) to GRA’s Special Investigation Unit’s (SIU) hotline 225-5051 or via email to siu@gra.gov.gy.