Gas Station (Petrol Pump) Licence

 New Fees:

Rural Areas:   $30,000.00

All Towns:      $60,000.00

Estimated Processing Time: 1 hour

Validity Period:  1 Year

 1.   Completed Application form
2.    Business registration from Deeds Registry
3.    An approved plan and letter for the premises, stamped and signed for by the Central Housing and Planning Authority and the Guyana Fire Service
4.    A Petroleum Licence from the Guyana Fire Service
6.    Valid identification -  Passport or National ID
1.    Completed application form
2.    Previous year's licence
3.    Valid identification -  Passport or National ID
4.    Business Registration from Deeds Registry
5.    Safety Certificate from the Guyana Fire Services 
  1. Applicant should submit all documents to the Officer. 
  2. The applicant will be directed to the lodgment area.
  3. Once all documents are verified, the Officer will direct the applicant to the Cashier to make the required payment.
  4. The applicant will further be directed to the dispatch desk to follow the final necessary procedures and uplift his/her licence.