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Discovery of narcotics in Rum shipment to Netherlands

Discovery of narcotics in Rum shipment to Netherlands

December 3, 2021

Georgetown, Friday, December 3, 2021: The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to clarify recent statements in the media relating to the discovery of narcotics in a shipment of rum to the Netherlands.

The consignment, which originated in Guyana, was scanned in Guyana according to the stipulated procedures, and no contraband or prohibited/restricted substances were detected among the said cargo when scanned. The consignment was shipped to the Netherlands and transited to another Caribbean territory, where it was offloaded and remained for a period before it was loaded onto another vessel destined for the Netherlands, where the discovery was made.

GRA, through joint enforcement and intelligence activities with CANU (Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit) and other local and foreign law enforcement bodies have put in place a system of rigid controls thereby reducing the probability of narcotic substances being exported or transhipped through Guyana’s ports. This process allows for simultaneous viewing of the scanned images by officers of the sister agencies, and backup checks thereafter prior to shipping.

GRA also wishes to advise that such images are stored and backed up at various sites thereby reducing the likelihood of a repeat of the deletion of images. The GRA is also willing to have reporters attached to media houses view such images and will shortly upon the official opening of the relocatable scanner allow media representatives to view the scanning process.

The GRA also advises of continued investigations with its local and foreign sister Agencies.

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