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Dealers’ General Licence (Revised Jan 19, 2022)

Dealers’ General Licence (Revised Jan 19, 2022)

February 15, 2022

This week’s #TaxationSimplified provides guidance on the procedure to be followed by Auto Dealers seeking to obtain a licence in order to successfully drive vehicles without having to pay the tax and register them.

What is the Dealers’ General Licence?
The Dealers’ General Licence is a licence issued by GRA to auto dealers allowing the use of four trade plates on vehicles that are in their possession temporarily, to drive or move them without the application of tax and registration.

How can I obtain a Dealers’ General Licence?
Persons desirous of acquiring the licence, must make a request by way of letter to the Senior Manager, Licence Revenue Office, 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown, Guyana, along with a completed Application Form. The following details must be stated clearly in the application:

  1. The number of vehicles that will be imported annually
  2. Type of vehicles
  3. The number of trade plates the applicant is desirous of having
  4. Whether the business will be a sole trade, partnership or company
  5. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Note: A copy of the Business Registration / Article of Incorporated must be attached.

Licence Cost:
  • The annual fee for a Dealers’ General Licence is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Guyana Dollars (G$150,000.00) – four (4) trade plates
  • Fifteen Thousand Guyana Dollars (G$15,000) – each trade plate

Does my application for a Dealers’ General Licence guarantee acquisition of the Licence?
No! Applicants are first required to pay the quarterly advanced tax and file the necessary Tax Returns in accordance with Section 60 of the Income Tax Act, Cap. 81:01, and pay all taxes due on those returns before the licence can be granted.

What is the validity period for the Dealers’ General Licence?
Upon issuance, the licence will be valid for one year, commencing January 1 and ending December 31.

NOTE! This document is not a substitute for the law. The law shall prevail in case of any inadvertent conflict.

Need more information on Dealers’ General Licence? You can refer to Policy – Dealers’ General Licence (Revised – Jan2022)https://www.gra.gov.gy/policy-dealers-general-licence/ Or Motor Vehicle & Road Traffic Act: https://www.gra.gov.gy/motor-vehicle-and-road-traffic-amendment-of-first-schedule-regulation-2020-no-3-subsidiary-legislation/