The Government of Guyana has embarked on the implementation of ASYCUDA World (AW). The AW programme is an integrated customs management system which was developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) to aid with the modernization of manifests, customs declarations, accounting procedures, transit, suspense procedures, among others. With this application, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) aims to take Guyana to a higher level in trade facilitation by the standardization of procedures along with the implementation of international norms and best practices. The system has been implemented in over 90 countries, territories and regions. The version being implemented comes with enhanced web interface and allows for the minimization of administrative costs to the business community.
With the implementation of the ASYCUDA World, the GRA will also strengthen Customs’ operations efficiency for control and improve transparency through full audit trails, reform the customs clearing procedures, among other mechanisms. Government will be provided with accurate and timely statistics on foreign trade and revenue.  Additionally, AW will promote faster clearance time as well as lower transaction costs.

All stakeholders (internal and external), importers and exporters will be able to utilize this software according to the nature of their work provided that they are granted the necessary user access.

NB: The application will be implemented through a phased rollout, with the first phase being the e-Manifest which will be launched in March 2018 followed by the declaration e-SAD (Single Administrative Document) in July.

Within the AW programme the e-Manifest processing function accounts for all types of transport documents. The primary purpose of the manifest is to provide information relevant to the transported cargo for commercial, non-commercial or other regulatory purposes. It is generally used by Customs as a summary declaration to ensure that all transported goods are placed under customs control which also provides customs with useful information on the goods, allowing for thorough risk management.
If further information is needed, feel free to contact ASYCUDA Helpdesk on telephone number 227-6060/227-8222 extension 3633.



1.    Steps for Registering for ASYCUDA World:
a)    Retrieve User Registration Form from the link
b)    Fill form, attach recent passport size picture and apply signature
c)    Hand delivered filled form to GRA Head Office (200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown); ASYCUDA Office or scan said form with attached passport size picture and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
d)    User credentials and access rights will be created; confirmation of said credentials will be contacted to user via telephone call or email.

2.    Steps for getting started:
a)    Before accessing the ASYCUDA World (AW) webpage; it is recommended that your operating system be compatible and have the following technical requirements:

i.   Hardware Requirements:
      Processor: 2GHz or more
      Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
      Standard Memory: 4GB or more

ii.    Internet Connection:
        Users must have a connection bandwidth larger than or equal to 4Mb download and 1Mb upload.

iii.   Software Requirements (Windows or MAC)
       Internet browser
      Java SE Runtime Environment 7
      PDF reader

b)    If you do not have the applicable Java installed on your operating system, please follow the steps stated below to have Java installed and proceed to access the AW software using the credentials granted to you by the AW National Project Team.

(To set up your system for ASYCUDA World Training Environment, click on the link to see instructions)

(To set up your system for ASYCUDA World Production Environment, click on the link to see instructions)


ASYCUDA training

Click on the image to access Training Environment

asycuda prod new 

Click on the image to access Production Environment


3.    Steps to be followed when experiencing slowness within the AW system:
a)    When the user is experiencing slowness in launching, logging onto, or performing functions within the AW Environment it may be as a result of multiple applications running in the background. It is recommended to follow the steps outlined as it relates to; “Clear SoClass Cache” and “Clear Java Cache” as outlined via the respective links.

b)    Please note user must be logged off from AW in order to perform the following actions:

Please click on the link and follow the steps on how to clear your SoClass Cache
Please click on the link and follow the steps on how to clear your Java Cache

c)    User can then proceed to log onto the AW environment and continue with performing their operations.