What is a TIN? - Information

What is a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)?


A Taxpayer Identification Number, commonly known as TIN, is a unique computer-generated number allocated to each taxpayer, whether they are an individual, a Commercial Business, a Government Department, Public Corporation, or a Special Body. The GRA is the only agency authorised to issue a TIN.


Who is required to have a TIN?

In accordance with Section 2 of the Income Tax Amendment (No.2) Act of 2006, every person conducting business with a Government Department, Public Authority (including GRA), Public Corporation or the Central Bank (Bank of Guyana) is required to have a TIN.

Therefore, a person (individual or business) cannot make an application for or receive any permission, licence or any document from any of the aforementioned entities without a TIN. For example, if a person makes an application for a Driver's Licence, the Licence Revenue Office (LRO) will not process the application nor issue a Licence if the applicant does not have a TIN.


Who is exempt from requiring a TIN?

The following persons are not legally required to obtain a TIN, except when transacting business with the GRA (e.g. to export goods, to import goods for commercial purposes or renew a Driver's Licence):

(1)Any person under the age of fifteen years old (15 yrs).

(2)Temporary residents in Guyana not in receipt of income (where the stay does not exceed 183 days).

(3)A person who satisfies the GRA that he/she is not in receipt of income (e.g. house wives).