GRA notes false online report on IMF Oil & Gas Consultant

Georgetown, GRA, February 13, 2019: The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has observed an online media publication carrying unverifiable statements purportedly made by International Monetary Fund (IMF) Petroleum Taxation Consultant Alnoor Kassam under the caption, Guyana’s Oil Data All Over The Place – IMF Specialist… To initiate process with GRA for a more organized approach.

The Guyana Standards site dated February 6, 2019, attributed Mr. Kassam to remarks that “data integrity issues have plagued the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) for more than three years and, with the coming of oil, the authority needs to get its act together to ensure it has all the accurate data at its fingertips to carry out effective cost audits in a timely manner."

This article has raised concerns since it not only seems to be suggesting that the source of the information is Mr. Kassam, but also questions GRA’s data integrity as it relates to oil and gas. The GRA respects the professional conduct and integrity of this individual and in this regard, questions the validity of the article referenced to him. As to the integrity of data, GRA has no problem whatsoever with data integrity issues related to the oil and gas industry. The Authority would therefore like for the author of the publication to either retract or authenticate his/her source of information.

The Revenue Authority through the IMF has secured the services of Mr. Kassam who brings a wealth of experience, having served in a similar capacity at the Canada Revenue Agency. His duties over the next few years will help the Authority develop the administrative capacity of the oil and gas unit of the GRA thereby allowing the Authority to not only perform audits but also improve the Customs aspects of this sector. The capacity building process will see the establishment of a full-fledged oil and gas unit at the Authority’s Camp Street Headquarters.

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