Container scanning site being prepared at GNIC

Georgetown, Wednesday, 20 December 2017: Construction of the Lombard St site for the scanning of containers is moving apace through a MOU signed between the GNIC and the GRA. The site which is slated for completion in January 2018 will enable the GRA to utilize cutting-edge technology to scan not only imports but also merchandise destined for foreign jurisdictions which meet the criteria for trading with some of Guyana’s major partners. One such is the Unites States which requires universal scanning of all containers entering that jurisdiction.

The GRA became somewhat limited in this capacity after the stationary scanner at the GNSC Lombard St location became inoperable in 2014 and the mobile x-ray imaging scanner acquired in 2014 also experienced some operational challenges during 2016.

The mobile X-ray imaging scanner will be situated at this location, together with a new fixed container scanner which is being procured through grant-aid from China, and projected to become operational by mid-2018.

The acquisition of container scanners compliments the efforts by the GRA to reduce trade transaction costs and time, improve international competitiveness and promote international maritime security and safety.In pursuit of these objectives and the estimated projected increase in container traffic, the GRA has been having ongoing discussions with wharf-owners and other stakeholders in investing in such equipment so that container scanning will form part of their routine operations.