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Drivers in outlying regions NOT required to visit Georgetown for licence applications/renewals– apologies extended for misinformation, inconvenience 12 March 2019166
Re: Bad and doubtful Debts – Guyana Association of Bankers Inc. & The Institute of Chartered Accounts of Guyana04 March 2019222
Students benefitting from first-time tax advice as GRA embarks on Regional School Outreach15 February 2019182
GRA tackling fuel smuggling head-on, takes no political directives 14 February 2019175
GRA notes false online report on IMF Oil & Gas Consultant13 February 2019196
GRA office in Mabaruma, Region One opens for business – Minister Jordan commissions facility 12 February 2019160
Trust But Verify – GRA’s Reponse to the GGDMA08 February 201964
Re: The new ASYCUDA System at Customs08 February 201989
Venezuelan Diplomat's Vehicle seized by the GRA05 November 2018413
Professional Fee is separate from Income Tax29 October 2018423
GRA has been complying with requirements to accurately administer & record PIDs - Revenue not in jeopardy29 October 2018297
GRA observed Breast Cancer Awareness with pink decor29 October 2018293
Fake GRA Facebook Page24 October 2018386
Article on 2017 AG report undermines efforts to curtail revenue loss24 October 2018301
Re: “Over 80% active self-employed didn’t submit income tax returns”24 October 2018314
RE: Nigel Hinds Letter “GUYANESE RELEGATED TO DRIVE OLD VEHICLES”03 October 20181333
Large Quantity of Fuel Seized by LEID03 October 2018562
Customhouse Broker training commences –ASYCUDA, Oil and Gas to be featured02 October 2018520
GRA officials meet UAE Government delegation to negotiate Double Taxation Agreement 14 September 2018477
ASYCUDA e-SAD Pilot Phase to begin soon13 September 2018482
Letter to the Editor - Re: GRA tax audit is no substitute for the audit of the transactions under the oil contract06 September 2018522
Letter to the Editor - Re: Questions of government policy-making keep piling up31 August 2018537
Bartica Tax office relocating for more convenience, better service27 August 2018400
Container Scanning Fee20 August 20181234
GRA engages Linden Municipality & Chamber of Commerce17 August 2018395
GRA rectifies impediments at container scanner site 15 August 2018611
Tax Amnesty in second phase – period ends September 3007 August 2018788