Trade Licence for Towns

Businesses operating in Towns are hereby notified that the annual fee for a trade licence is based on the square footage of the premises including the storage facility, if any.

The fees for the trade licence are provided in the table below and apply to any store, shop, room, shed or yard, or any part of any such place, in or within one-quarter of a mile of the municipal boundaries of Georgetown or in New Amsterdam or in Linden, or in the townships of Anna Regina, Bartica, Corriverton, Lethem, Rose Hall, Mabaruma or Mahdia, wherein are sold, bartered or exposed for sale any goods, wares, merchandise or provisions other than spirits, drugs, patent or proprietary medicines or any article in respect of the sale of which a licence with a special fee is charged thereon.

In accordance with Section 18 (1) of the Tax Act, the payment will be made according to the following scales:

Area Licence Duty
Where the area does not exceed 150 square feet. G1,000
Exceeds 150 square feet; But does not exceed 300 square feet. G$2,000
Exceeds 300 square feet; But does not exceed 1,000 square feet.


Exceeds 1,000 square feet; But does not exceed 2,500 square feet. G$8,000.00
Exceeds 2,500 square feet; But does not exceed 5,000 square feet. G$18,000.00
Exceeds 5,000 square feet; But does not exceed 10,000 square feet G$25,000

Exceeds 10,000 square feet; But does not exceed 15,000 square feet.


Exceeds 15,000 square feet; But does not exceed 20,000 square feet.

Exceeds 20,000 square feetG$80,000
Stabroek Market G$4,000
Cummingsburg & Other MarketsG$2,000
New Amsterdam and Linden Markets $2,000
Village council and Local Government MarketsG$1,000