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Provisional Shop Licence11 June 201979
Commencement of Motor Vehicle modules in ASYCUDA World30 May 2019145
Customs Notice - All Carriers and Carrier Agents30 May 2019212
Trade Licence for Rural Districts29 May 2019177
Trade Licence for Towns29 May 2019175
Stipulations for vehicles registered in 'G' series29 May 2019239
Regional Campaign: Essequibo29 May 201978
Vehicles registered in 'G' series29 May 2019248
Brokers and Exporters of Manufactured or Locally Produced Goods – Electronic Processing of Export Declarations in ASYCUDA World 28 May 2019195
Region Nine Tax Campaign13 May 201950
Accessories & Mountings for Solar Items18 April 2019143
Documentary Procedure in ASYCUDA e-SAD & Exemption Module16 April 2019115
New Procedures For Importing Food and Drugs11 April 2019123
Income Tax: Personal Allowance11 April 2019334
Invitation For Bid: Construction of Warehouse Building, Phases 1 -311 April 201976
Un-licenced bars and rum shops 27 March 2019800
Bartica Integrated Tax Office - Services Offered25 March 2019389
Processing of tax exemptions for fertilisers, pesticides in ASYCUDA13 March 2019229
List of commodities ineligible for conditional duty exemptions 13 March 2019435
Processing of Declarations in ASYCUDA World (Training)12 February 2019468
Sale of Want of Entry Motor Vehicles by Sealed Bids30 January 2019612
Invitation For Bid (IFB) - Proposed Rehabilitation and Modification of Building and Associated Works for the Guyana Revenue Authority - New Amsterdam Branch25 January 2019303
Amendments to the 2% Withholding Tax (WHT) for resident Contractors21 January 20191000
Relief for Public Officers Importing Motor Vehicles21 January 20191667
Excise Relief for Tourism Operators10 January 2019431
Preparer of Returns10 January 2019680
Excise Relief for Persons with a Disability10 January 20191110
Property Tax09 January 2019774
New Excise Tax Rates for Goods Vehicles09 January 2019922
New Excise Tax Rate for Tobacco Products09 January 2019412