Change Of Intended Use Of Motor Vehicle

Fees: Calculated based on the weight of the vehicle and intended use

Estimated Processing Time: 2 hours

  1. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  2. Valid identification- Passport or National ID and copy of same (Note: Owner must be present).
  3. The original Certificate of Registration for the motor vehicle
  4. Letter from the Police Traffic Department granting permission for road service or cancellation of road service
  5. The vehicle must be presented for examination
  6. Motor vehicle  licence (If purchased for the current year)
  7. For buses, the change from hire to private, requires a letter from the Commissioner General's Office, granting permission to change the intended use of the vehicle
  8. When changing the plate, from GOODS to PRIVATE OR HIRE or from PRIVATE to GOODS or HIRE, the applicant needs to uplift an authorising letter from the Tax  Exemption, Processing & Verification Unit, GRA.
  9. When changing to goods vehicle the vehicle must meet the requirements of this category of vehicle Click here for requirements for goods vehicle.  
1.   The applicant must submit all documents to the Officer.
2.  The vehicle will be inspected by an officer
3.  The applicant will be directed to the lodgment area while his/her documents are being processed.
4.  The updated transfer will be returned to the applicant and he/she will be asked to make the relevant payment at the Cashier.
5.  Once the relevant payment has been made, the applicat must return the previously issued valid licence (if available) to the Cashier after which the new Motor Vehicle Revenue Licence will be issued.
Motor vehicle owners can change the registration of their motor vehicle only under the following circumstances:-
  • Persons desiring a change of registration may do so through the Courts by obtaining a Court Order to effect the change.
  • The owner of the vehicle may take an application in writing to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue stating the reason(s) for requesting the change. Where threats are sighted as the reason, a Police Report may be attached to the letter to validate the allegation. However, the attached Police Report does not guarantee approval.

Approval for change of registration number is based upon the Commissioner General's  judgment of the seriousness of the issue and the need to make such a change.