Licence Revenue Office - Information

 Mandate of the Licence Revenue Office (LRO)

To encourage voluntary compliance with Guyana's tax laws and regulations by providing accessible, dependable and timely service and responsibly enforcing these laws based on the application of sound risk management principles and practices.

About the LRO  

The LRO comprises of various units which provide a number of services to the public:

  1. Liquor Trade and Miscellaneous Licences Unit
  2. Motor Vehicle Registration Unit
  3. Cashier Unit

Obligations of the Licence Revenue Office

Members of the public who visit the LRO to transact business are attended to on a first come first served basis and the public should expect to be treated with courtesy, fairness and professionalism.

Obligations of the Taxpayer

There are specific processes, procedures and principles governing the operations of the LRO as well as guidelines which members of the public need to follow when doing business with the Office.

The LRO expects that all persons conducting business with the entity would follow the procedures so as to allow for smooth and efficient transactions. Once all procedures are adhered to, transactions should be prompt and licence holders as well as prospective licence holders should be satisfied with the LRO's service.  

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