Hotel Licence - Information


New Fees:  $15,000 -- Georgetown inclusive of Industry to Agricola

                      $10,000 -- Out of Town

Estimated Processing Time:          Subject to the Court date

Validity Period:                             1 year

3.    Valid identification.  Passport or National ID
4.    An approved plan for the premises applied for, stamped and signed for by the Central Housing and Planning Authority and the Guyana Fire Service
5.    Recent Police Clearance
6.    Housing Certificate in the applicant's name
7.    Fire Certificate in the applicant's name
1.    Renewal of licence should be done in October 1-31
2.    Two completed renewal forms for a Hotel Licence
3.    Current year licence
4.    Valid identification.  Passport or National ID
1.    Applicant should submit all documents to the Clerk. 
2.    The applicant will be asked to wait while the documents are being vetted.
3.    If all documents are correct the applicant will be advised when to return.
4.    The applicant information will be published according to Section 10 (4) of Intoxicating Liquor Act 82:21
5.    An officer will accompany the magistrate to visit the proposed premises.
6.    If any corrections need to be done the applicant will be notified.
7.    On approval of the application the applicant will return to make payment at the cashier and uplift the licence.