Bulk creation of prefilled Employee’s 7B Slip – Year of Assessment 2020

Bulk image

The Guyana Revenue Authority has taken an initiative to engage employers in assisting their employees to prepare their annual Individual Income Tax Returns.

Using a set of simple tools, we have developed a mechanism which utilizes the GRA’s Fillable Forms. By utilizing these tools, the employer will be able to generate and print Individual 7B Slips (Forms) for each of their employees.

The process is simple, and the outcome is not only beneficial to you and your employees, but will also assist the GRA to increase its processing efficiencies.

Below is a list of the tools along with a detailed instruction manual that are required to accomplish this exercise.

1. Click here for User Manual – (Please ensure you read the entire manual before proceeding)

2) Download the following tools:

i) 7bBulkFolders – Version 1.2
ii) Adobe Reader – Version 10 or higher
iii) Bulk PDF Tool

Download 7zip HERE