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Prior to submitting your fillable or printable forms, please ensure you check the GRA’s website for the most recent or updated version of said forms which are available for download and use.

Financial Institutions with accounts held by US Citizens must report to the Guyana Revenue Authority

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is mandated under the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to report accounts of United States (US) citizens to the US Internal Revenue Service (US-IRS) on an annual basis.

In fulfilling this obligation, Financial Institutions (FIs) with accounts held by US citizens are required to report such information to the GRA, the designated Competent Authority. Reporting must be done through the Guyana Revenue Authority's AEOI  Portal which can be accessed via the link

For assistance on accessing the portal, contact our Information Technology Department on 227-6060 extension 5601.

Latest News

  • Provisional Shop Licence

    Small businesses that are unable to obtain a trade licence because of pending building plans, fire and sanitary certificates for the premises, can apply to the Guyana Revenue Authority for a Provisional Licence.

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  • Stipulations for vehicles registered in the "G" series

    The Guyana Revenue Authority will cease the granting of tax exemptions and registration of Toyota Noahs, Voxys and other similar types of motor vehiclesin the ‘G’ series. However, owners of vehicles already registered in “G” are advised to abide by the following conditions

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  • Vehicles registered in "G" series

    The Guyana Revenue Authority wishes to advise the general public the granting of tax exemptions and the registration of the following motor-vehicles in the ‘G’ series will discontinue from July 1, 2019

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  • Trade Licence for Towns

    Businesses operating in Towns are hereby notified that the annual fee for a trade licence is based on the square footage of the premises including the storage facility, if any.

    The fees for the trade licence are provided in the table below:

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  • Trade Licence for Rural Districts

    Businesses operating in Rural Districts are hereby notied that the annual fee for a trade licence is based on the square footage of the premises including the storage facility, if any.

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  • Brokers and Exporters of Locally Manufactured or Produced Goods

    The ASYCUDA World National Project Team (AW NPT) is currently in the process of rolling out the Export Declaration Module (EX1) in AW.

    Export declarations according to the Customs Act, are required to pay 1.5% export duties unless the goods are locally manufactured, locally produced or re-exported.

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  • Un-licenced Bars and Rum Shops

    The Guyana Revenue Authority has observed an increase in the number of bars/liquor shops selling alcohol without licence. The Authority would like to remind owners that the practice is illegal in accordance with Section 79 of the Intoxicating Liquor Licencing Act...

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  • Drivers in outlying Regions NOT required to visit Georgetown for licence applications / renewals

    The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has noted reports in the press about drivers on the Essequibo Coast experiencing “delays in licence renewals” and being forced to “travel to Georgetown to access GRA service”.
    The Authority has recognised that persons in the outlying regions sometimes are inconvenienced when there is a need to conduct business with the GRA or in order to be tax compliant. Accordingly, we have been investigating ways to address this and to lessen the burden on taxpayers to voluntarily comply with the tax laws of Guyana.
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Exchange Rates

Effective March 1, 2019, the following shall be the rates of exchange for the purpose of the provision to Section 22(1) (a) of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01:-

European UnionEuro237.42
Eastern CaribbeanDollar77.22
GermanyDeutsche Mark237.42
Hong KongDollar26.56
North KoreaWon0.23
Netherlands (Holland)Euro237.42
Netherlands (Antilles)Guilders116.48
New ZealandDollars142.09
South AfricaRand14.83
South KoreaWon0.19
Trinidad & TobagoDollar30.91
United KingdomPounds Sterling277.33
United States of AmericaDollars208.50
United Arab Emirates (UAE)Dirham56.77

The notification under Section 22 (2)(c) of the Customs Act, Chapter 82:01 last published by the Commissioner-General, Guyana Revenue Authority in the Official Gazette is hereby superseded.

The above rates of exchange are published solely for the purpose of Customs collection and may not correspond with the rates of exchange, which the Commercial Banks employ in the course of their business.

 Mr. Godfrey Statia

Commissioner - General


Exchange Rates

Effective March 1, 2019 :-
CountryGuyana Dollar
European Union237.42
Eastern Caribbean77.22
Trinidad & Tobago30.91
United Kingdom277.33
United States of America208.50

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