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Imported motor vehicles with used tyres not in conformity with stipulated standard will attract fines-effective June 1, 2017 24 May 2017494
Systems in place for effective implementation of used tyre restriction on imports 03 April 2017914
2% contractors Withholding Tax not applicable to anyone and anything 30 March 20171408
VAT Registrants must ensure documents are in place to accelerate Refunds Verification process23 March 2017539
No VAT on Medical Services! 17 March 2017323
Letter to the Editor: No VAT on Medical Services and Prescription Drugs17 March 2017315
Group allegedly impersonating GRA staff, GLDA Officials16 March 20171362
Kaieteur News report on Chinese Embassy container imports27 February 2017886
No VAT on Medical Services17 February 2017640
Motorists in default after 2016 licence fee increases to pay balance at next renewal10 February 2017192
VAT on Parking Meters- Meeting facilitated between GRA and SCS 01 February 2017449
Effective February 1, 2017, Mortgage Interest Relief to be provided for mortgages up to $15M -based on 2017 Budget Amendment 31 January 2017478
Payment of Tributors Tax increased from 10% to 20%31 January 2017574
GRA’s Commissioner- General Responds to Banks DIH Issue26 January 2017771
Environmental levy on local, imported non-returnable bottles effective February 1, 201725 January 2017831
Changes to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act to be implemented by February 1, 201725 January 20171074
Motor Vehicle “WW” Registration Series has commenced24 January 20171015
VAT reduction and other related changes effective February 1, 2017 19 January 20172252
Travel Tax increase to take effect February 119 January 20171011
Guyana one step closer to implementation of ‘Green Economy’ initiatives - February 1, 2017 slated as effective date for Customs Act Amendments -duty on new tyres reduced from February 1, restriction on used tyres set for April 119 January 2017698
GCCI President looking forward to ASYCUDA bringing relief to traders19 January 2017566
New Administrative and Miscellaneous Customs related fees to commence February 01, 2017- based on amendments to the Customs Act 16 January 2017792
Importers urged to submit Health/Free Sale Certificate-in compliance with Government Analyst Food & Drug Department requirement 01 December 2016721
Registration of “CJ” motor-cycle Series to commence shortly04 November 2016575
Commissioner-General reminds GRA’s staff to be professional – vows to deal with dishonest officers in a condign manner27 October 2016694
Jamaican Poultry Feed meets origin requirements20 October 2016622
GRA lectures Linden contractors on Tax Obligations05 October 2016581
GRA reaffirms commitment to monitoring of ports for ozone depleting equipment – on International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer16 September 2016549
GRA bids farewell, best wishes to students as Work Study attachment ends 30 August 2016652
Mill Test Certificates to now accompany all Declarations for imported steel25 August 2016933